Postgraduate (PhD)
# Name Year Research Thesis
1 Waqar Ahmad PhD (2017) Formal Dependability Analysis using Higher-order-logic Theorem Proving PDF
Postgraduate (Masters)
# Name Year Research Thesis
1 Sohaiba Iqbal MS (2017) Statistical Model Checking of Relief Supply Location and Distribution in Natural Disaster Management PDF
2 Amina Qureshi MS (2017) Formal Probabilistic Error Analysis of Approximate Adders PDF
3 Muhammd Kamran Ayub MS (2017) Statistical Error Analysis of Low Power Approximate Adders PDF
4 Sumbal Iqbal MS (2016) A Low Power and Runtime Reconfigurable Approximate Multiplier PDF
5 Muhammad Nouman MS (2016) Software Build History Dossier for Development and Testing PDF
6 Faiq Khalid Lodhi MS (2016) Runtime Hardware Trojan Monitors through modeling Burst Mode Communication PDF
7 Muhammad Usama Sardar MS (2015) Formal Verification of Distributed Thermal Management Systems using Theorem Proving PDF
8 Muhammad Saad Ayub MS (2015) Formal verification of Path Planning Algorithms PDF
9 Anam Zaman MS (2015) Formal verification of Network-on-Chip (NoC) Architectures PDF
10 Sumayya Shiraz MS (2014) Towards Automatic Formal Verification of Generic Combinational Circuits using HOL PDF
11 Muhammad Ahmad MS (2014) Formal Analysis of Steady State Error in Feedback Control Systems PDF
12 Muhammad Binyameen MS (2014) Formal Kinematics Analysis of two link Planar Robot PDF
13 Sohaib Ahmad MS (2014) Formal verification of Biological Networks PDF
14 Waqas Gul MS (2014) Globally Asynchronous Locally Synchronous (GALS) Interface PDF
15 Syeda Hira Taqdees MS (2013) Formalization of Laplace Transform using the multivariable calculus theory of HOL Light PDF
16 Mohammad Ismail MS (2013) Formal Analysis of TAPE: A Thermal Management Algorithm for ICs PDF
17 Mohammad Usman MS (2012) Formal Analysis of Homogeneous Linear Differential Equations using Theorem Proving PDF
18 Mumtaz Ali MS (2012) Digital Circuit Evolution Using SAT Solver PDF
19 Nadeem Iqbal MS (2012) Formalization of Asymtotic Notations in High-Order-Logic PDF
20 Uzma Mushtaq MS (2012) Image Processing Hardware Design using NoCs PDF
21 Muhammad Wisal Khan MS (2012) Formalization of Negative Binomial Random Variable PDF
22 Umair Siddique MS (2011) Formal analysis of Fractional Order Systems in Higher-order Logic PDF
# Name Year Topic
1-3 Saad Mahmood & Mahnoor Ali & Asad Tariq BEE(2015-16) Hand Joints Monitoring Wearable Device for Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients
4-6 Muhammad Tahir & Ibraheem Bin Mehmood & Usman Asif BEE(2015-16) Exploring smart ways to improve the Energy consumption of Wireless Sensor Network Nodes to improve their Lifetime
7-9 Jamal Ahmad Khan & Usama Pervaiz & Haroon Ali Akbar BEE (2015-16) Body Area Sensor Network with an App/Web Server to assist Congestive Heart Failure Patients
10-11 Faiza Tahir & Shiza Tariq BSCS(2015-16) App/Web Server to assist Congestive Heart Failure Patients
12-13 Asad Ali Awan & Muhammad Sarmad Khan BEE(2014-15) Extending RRT* for 3D Environments
14-15 Saba Mumtaz & Ahmed Hussain Qureshi BEE(2013-14) Enhanced RRT* for Motion Planning in Complex Obstacle Cluttered Environments
16-17 Nyla Afzal & Syeda Farwa Naqvi BESE(2013-14) Formal Verification of Dynamic Systems using Event-B
18-20  Ainan Ihsan & Mehreen Saeed & Tayyba Fatima BESE (2013-14) Formal verification/ modeling of LEACH and its extensions
21-23  Hassan Raza Gillani & Yassar Saleem & Awais Mahmood BEE(2013-14) Formal Analysis of Power Distribution management system algorithms in Smart Grids
24-26  Areesh Tahir & Sohaib Jasim & Atif Khan BEE(2013-14) E-MAA Pre-natal Remote Monitoring Unit: High Impact Maximum Outreach
27-28 Saba Mumtaz & Ahmed Hussain Qureshi BEE(2013-14) Enhanced RRT* for Motion Planning in Complex Obstacle Cluttered Environments
29-31 Adil Khurram & Haider Ali & Arham Tariq BEE(2012-13) Formal Reliability Analysis of Protective Relays in Power Distribution Systems
31-32 Waleed Aslam & Muhammad Uzair Afzal BEE(2011-12) Aware 2 – Fall Detection & Daily Activity and vital Monitoring System
33-35 Ayesha Inam & Aisha Khan & Nirmal Saeed BEE(2011-12) Designing an Automatic theorem proving based Formal Verification tool for Combinational Circuits
36-37 Anas Shoib & Zohaib Hayat BEE (2011-12) Designing a Spectrum Analyzer using FPGA
38-40 Faiq Khalid Lodhi & Naeha Sharif & Nadra Ramzan BEE(2010-11) Design of A Digital Phase Detector for Clock Synchronization in MPSoC
41-43 Shehryar Tariq & Syed Kamran Haider & Sarmad Munir BEE(2010-11) Development of a Tele-Surgical Training Robot
44-46 Farrukh Hijaz & Talal Ahmed & Nabeel Afzal BEE(2009-10) Aware – Fall Detection and Daily Activity Monitoring System
47 Hasnain A Qureshi BEE(2009-10) Formal Verification of CMOS level Digital Circuits
48-51 Umaid Ali & Saad Ayub & Shejih Matiullah & Jawad Paracha BEE(2009-10) Firefighting Robot
52 Ali N. Nasir BEE (2009-10) Analysis of FPGA based DSP Algorithms