Resource Management in Many-core Systems

New paradigms for managing resources in on-chip many-core systems come with various issues. Among them is the key demand for robust verification of (distributed) resource management (RM) schemes before deployment. Moreover, it is important to have a unified framework
where different RM schemes can be formally analyzed and compared for their performance efficiency and robustness. Traditional techniques,
like simulation or emulation, are inherently in-exhaustive and thus compromise the completeness and accuracy of the analysis results. In this work, we present a formal approach, based on probabilistic model checking, for evaluating and comparing the performance of different distributed RM schemes.


  1. S. Iqtedar, O. Hasan, M. Shafique, J. Henkel, “Formal Probabilistic Analysis of Distributed Resource Management Schemes in On-Chip Systems”, Design, Automation and Test in Europe (DATE-2016), Dresden, Germany, pp. 930-935.


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