Towards Precise, Scalable and Automatic Analysis of Analog and Mixed Signal Circuits

Faiq Khalid Lodhi , Nadra Ramzan and Osman Hasan


These days Analog and Mixed signal (AMS) circuits are widely being designed and used in many safety and financial critical application domains. This fact brings the challenge of efficiently and accurately analyzing of these AMS circuits as an analysis error could result in a big financial loss. Traditionally, AMS circuits have been analyzed using paper-and-pencil proof methods or computer simulations. But these methods cannot cope with the growing complexities of AMS designs. In this project, we propose a computer algebra system based analyzer for AMS designs. The distinguishing features of the proposed approach include its scalability, precision and automatic nature. For illustration purposes, we analyze the Impulse generator circuit using the proposed approach and compare our results with the ones obtained by simulation and paper-and-pencil proof methods. Сайт девушек по вызову проститутки челябинск Секс за деньги



Block Diagram of proposed methodology


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